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Online people are all about playing the free casino slots games especially when they are given bonuses that does not require them to purchase to obtain. Casinos are good about given money to new users by awarding them credits or cash when they sign up. Some may give you spins to play with, while others give you credits. It all is based on which casino you pick to play slots at on what form of promotion you will receive. If you pick spins they will set it up on a particular slot machine and if you pick credits then you can basically play on any of the slots games. They also have limits on what amount you can cash out on, often this is as low as 20 dollars which is not much if you think about it. Since your not paying to get the free casino slots bonus, I guess one should not complain. It will just allow you to check the machines out and get a little play, but if you want to win money playing casino slots then you are better off with their sign up bonus as you may gain a lot more overall then off a no deposit slots bonus.